The Original Hipsters
We're just two people with a wanderer's spirit, bogged down in college.

I'm Ashton. I lived in Gallifrey for a year. There was one time that I fought in a battle on my dragon, but the battle was forgotten and the invaders one.

And I'm Trent. Even though I have a beard instead of a goatee for quite a few years now, I'm still often compared to a goat. I think an old man is a more fitting description. A really awesome one, of course.

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Typical conversations with the roommate:

Me: Ari, I was thinking, we should buy a manikin. 
Ari: Uh-huh, why?
Me: I think it’d be fun to throw daggers at it.
Ari: We don’t have daggers.
Me: We should probably get some with the manikin. 
Ari: That’s a terrible idea.
Me: No, really. We could do it. 
Ari: We’d miss and end up breaking something.
Me: Sure, at the beginning we might, but we can just put up protection or start with butter knives. 
Ari: *sigh*
Me: I also need to get my sleeping bag so we can slide down the steps.
Ari: I’m going to go back to writing my family condolences now. 

- Ash