The Original Hipsters
We're just two people with a wanderer's spirit, bogged down in college.

I'm Ashton. I lived in Gallifrey for a year. There was one time that I fought in a battle on my dragon, but the battle was forgotten and the invaders one.

And I'm Trent. Even though I have a beard instead of a goatee for quite a few years now, I'm still often compared to a goat. I think an old man is a more fitting description. A really awesome one, of course.

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i don’t even with my Myers-Briggs

like i took the test and got an esfj but i was reading up about it and since i got 1% preference of extroversion over introversion and esfj didn’t quite fit me i read over isfj and it totally worked

thought i was an intp though oh well


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The death glare gives you the power to intimidate anyone but since you can’t really control such power you end up alone and without friends thats the sad truth

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How other archetype perceives them


INFJ - cold and hard on the outside, warm and fuzzy on the inside
INFP - warm and fuzzy inside and out
INTP - warm and fuzzy on the outside, cold and hard on the inside
INTJ - cold and hard inside and out

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Challenge: Write the first line of your debut novel.

Nothing is relative, and thoughts are only unique in a subjective approach; henceforth, this is life, a series of thoughts that can change spontaneously and without warning.


The vast chambers of the mind house the most egregious of horrors.

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Create an out of order sign and put it on any item of public infrastructure.

Ashton (05.06.14)
It’s 5:26pm, and I am waiting on Lee to patrol and to discover it.
It is my out of order sign hidden within a locked stall in the women’s bathroom.
Yes, I did lock it and then crawled under the stall to get out.
7:15pm and the door has been opened. I repeat. The door has been opened. Someone crawled to open the door.
8:00pm that bastard started his patrol without me.

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Day 4:

Red: Where I’ve been

Blue: Where I want to go

Green: Eh, maybe

Black/Gray: No way / Hell no / You would have to pay me to go




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Day 3: Throw away something that you like.

Ashton: Raggedy shoes, goodbye. 

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Day 2: Gaze at everyone as if they are the one true love of your life. Act accordingly.

Well then, today has been both awkward and highly rewarding.
I got a free facial.
I got hit on by a lot of people.
One of these people even came into my house.
Also, children, a girl with down syndrome, fat people, and old people are so weird to look at…


Our texts speak for themselves:

TM: Shit, I have to gaze lovingly at Edwin’s fiance. / At least my professor had a beard, that made it less weird to gaze lovingly.

AP: Yes, love of my life, my breath normally smells this bad. Is this going to be a problem?

TM: Heeny is creeped out.

AP: He can smell my breath? What are you doing to him?

TM: Just creepin’ and gazin’

AP: Aw, I wish you were here to creep and gaze with me.

TM: I know m’love.

AP: Gazing at old people is weird. / There are 11 people in my field of vision right now. / The only attractive person is married. / Well, the girl was cute that was doing the eye exams, at least. / But the fat black woman earlier, hell nah. / Oh god, kids are worse.

TM: Also, teenage boys. / EFF. Gay black guy. Ugh.

AP: …girl with down syndrome.

TM: Best moment yet = giving Edwin’s fiance an affectionate gaze while giving Edwin a sensual hug.